Peter Bruno | Associate Producer

Peter is Chairman and CEO of Wall Street Money Letters, Inc. He began his career in the securities industry more than 45 years ago with the national investment firm of Loeb Rhoades & Co. In the last five years with Loeb, Peter was the Training Director, responsible for corporate management and sales training and for preparing the firm's representatives for their various securities licensing examinations. Peter founded the Institute of Wall Street Studies as an outgrowth of this successful securities licensing training school where over 30,000 stock brokers have received their licenses using seminars and materials originally created by him.

Concurrently, in conjunction with the late John Scheuer, noted New York talk-radio financial commentator, Peter began to develop a sophisticated market analysis and exacting timing system, based upon conservative strategies and disciplines, for appreciation and return on investment. As an outgrowth of his original work with Scheuer, Peter established several popular investment newsletters, a portfolio management and investment advisory service, as well as a brokerage firm. All of these were sparked by the evolutionary and continued development of a technical, analytical system to provide research and timing information to meet the requirements for various fundamental investment strategies.